Best Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Combo [2021 Edition]

If you live in a country with all four seasons, you’ve more than likely encountered days where the temperature or weather is erratic. One such example is extremely cold in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, and chilly at night. And when your air conditioner unit conks out, a portable AC will end up being your lifesaver for the days.

Portable air conditioner and heater combos offer refreshingly cool air and toasty warm heat, solving both your heating and cooling needs throughout the year while freeing up storage space. These portable units can be stored during the off-season for space-challenged homes.

With a number of available portable air conditioner and heater combos on the market, the big question really is which is the best portable air conditioner and heater unit? To help you pick the right equipment, we have done all the hard work for you and selected some of the best models available for you to consider.

In our guide today, we’ve also included some useful information about portable air conditioner and heater combos that might come in handy when making your decision.

Benefits of a Great Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Combo

A portable AC/heater combo comes with some amazing benefits which include:

Highly Portable

These units are compact and lightweight, making them extremely portable. Most of these units even come with wheels to make it all the more easier for you to move them from room to room without needing to struggle.

Space Saving

Having to set up a separate air conditioner and heater in a room will require a lot of space. However, a portable air conditioner and heater combo is small in size and hence occupies less space. They’re the ideal solution for areas with limited space such as a studio or a small apartment.


A portable air conditioner and heater has the ability to kill two birds with one stone since it’s an air conditioner and a heater combined in one convenient device. With just one piece of equipment, you can make your living area both cool and warm whenever you want. It gives you the same comfort as installing two separate HVAC units of air conditioner and heater.

Energy Efficiency

Portable air conditioner and heater combos use less energy than running two units separately. Therefore, investing in a portable AC/heater will help you save a decent amount of money in the long run in the form of electricity bills.

Easy Installation

These portable air conditioner and heater combos require almost no installation and no drilled holes. All you need to do with them is to place them right where you want them, fix the exhaust hose for draining and you’re all set.

Aspects to Consider when Shopping for the Best Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

Here are a few factors that you need to take into consideration to better pick out the right portable AC/Heater for your needs:

Cooling and Heating Capacity

All portable AC/Heater combos have their cooling and heating power measured in terms of BTU’s (British Thermal Unit). Each unit has a specific capacity and your choice will depend on the size of the space or room you plan on using the unit.

Hence, it is important for you to measure the size of your room before you decide on which model to purchase in order to correctly determine the right number of BTUs required to cover the space. A good rule of thumb to follow in terms of BTU required is as follows:

  • A 200 sq. ft. space requires an 8,000 BTU unit
  • A 300 sq.. ft. space requires a 10,000 BTU unit
  • A 400 sq. ft. space requires a 12,000 BTU unit
  • A 500 sq. ft. space requires a 14,000 BTU unit

Generally, the larger space your unit needs to cover, the higher the BTU required. A higher BTU rating also means that the system is capable of cooling or heating the room faster.

Energy Efficiency

Portable AC/Heater combos tend to utilize less energy to cool or warm their surroundings. Still, it is important for you to buy an energy-efficient model that has good performance to keep your utility expenses down. Therefore, it is important that you take the unit’s energy efficiency ratio (EER) into consideration.

The higher the EER rating, the better the energy efficiency of a unit. This simply means that a unit with an EER for ten would be twice as efficient at energy utilization as one with an EER rating of five.

Unit Weight and Size

The weight of a portable air conditioner and heater combo significantly determines how portable it really is. Most units often weigh on average 45 to 95 pounds. But if you’re planning on moving the unit up and down the stairs, you will want to consider a lighter model.

Having a compact unit that takes up less floor space is also ideal, especially if you have a limited amount of space in your small apartment. Therefore you should also consider the depth and width of the unit and look for something in the range of 12 to 18 inches.


An adjustable thermostat is a feature that comes in very handy as it lets you adjust the heater to your desired temperature. A unit with an additional feature of a thermostat gives you the advantage of being able to set customized settings compared to one without a built-in thermostat.

Dehumidifying Feature

Most portable AC and heater combos have an additional dehumidifying feature to help eliminate any dampness in the air, providing a healthy atmosphere and greater comfort. However, not all models have this function, so you should decide beforehand whether this is a must-have feature for your portable AC/heater or not.

Top 6 Best Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Combo Units in 2021

Now that we’ve discussed some essential information, let’s dive straight into the review of some of the best portable air conditioner and heater combos available.

1. Best Overall – Black + Decker BPACT12HWT Portable Air Conditioner Unit

The first on our list is Black + Decker BPACT12HWT which no doubt is one of the best portable AC/heater units out there. This well-built model excels both in terms of performance and ease of use that offers a great value for money.

The Black + Decker BPACT12HWT portable air conditioner with heater combo features super-strong fans that have the ability to deliver a cooling power of 12,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of up to 10,000 BTUs to keep you cool and warm as and when required.

One major reason why this AC/heater combo is so effective is that it has been designed to use vertical motion instead of horizontal. This function ensures a steady and powerful airflow across the entire room. It also enables the unit to distribute cold or hot air more evenly throughout the room, thereby giving you almost instant results and the assurance of consistent temperature anywhere in the room.

With such a powerful capacity, this portable AC/heater combo can comfortably cool rooms that are 250 sq. ft. or less and pleasantly warm rooms of up to 325 sq. ft. when the temperature drops, making this an ideal choice for small to medium-sized spaces such as an apartment, home, studio, or dorm.

Another big plus for this model is that it doubles as a dehumidifier to help you efficiently maintain the right humidity level in your room in addition to cooling or warming it up. This is an extremely helpful feature, especially when you’re stuck with muddy days.

Though it all sounds very high-tech, operating this portable unit is a total breeze thanks to its handy control panel that features an intuitive LED digital display that’s easy to read and use. Even better is that it comes with digital remote control that provides you access to all the functions right where you’re seated. All-in-all, you definitely won’t be experiencing a hard time using this unit.

Another commendable highlight to note is that this model comes with a 24-hour adjustable timer and sleep mode for you to adjust it according to your needs or program it such that it will turn on right before you come home to a nice and comfortable environment.

In terms of construction, this model weighs around 68 pounds and is highly portable. It does not require much effort to move it around and even has side handles and four caster wheels at the base to facilitate easy mobility and manoeuvrability. During operation, the noise level it produces is fairly low at around 75dB on the high setting. But it does become pretty quiet once the right temperature in the room is achieved and the motor slows down.

Installation for this AC/heater combo is also a snap with the only possible challenge you may face is setting up the window panel, as it is a bit uneven. Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing not to love about this Black + Decker AC/Heater combo.

The bottom line is that this is one of the best portable air conditioner and heater combos as far as performance and ease of use are concerned. The Black + Decker BPACT12HWT is a highly effective and quality unit made by a credible company. If strong performance and versatility are what you’re looking for, then you simply cannot forego the opportunity to get this portable AC/heater combo.


  1. 1-year warranty
  2. Quiet operation with a max noise level of 75 dB
  3. Easy slide-out and washable filter
  4. Automatic restart after a power outage
  5. Vertical motion fan for efficient results
  6. Can cool up to 250 sq. ft. and heat up to 325 sq. ft.
  7. 24-hour adjustable timer and sleep mode
  8. Serves as a dehumidifier with a bucket-less design
  9. Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel with remote control


  1. The window panel is somewhat uneven and may be too large for small windows

2. Runner-Up – Whynter ARC-14SH Air Conditioner and Heater

This portable AC/heater combo unit is one of the most powerful systems on our list today and is even designed to deliver impressive performance and efficiency in terms of cooling and heating a space. This is the ultimate one-stop solution with an elegant modern design that will complement and enhance any room decor.

With a cooling capacity of 14,000 BTU, this AC/heater combo product is a real workhorse that’s capable of cooling a large area of up to 500 sq ft. Although it’s meant for small rooms, the high cooling capacity makes it suitable for use in medium to large rooms as well.

As for the heater, the ARC-14SH has a powerful 13,000 BTU heating capacity to keep you warm and toasty during those cold winter months. Furthermore, it even comes with an adjustable thermostat with a cooling range of 61°F to 89°F and heating range of 61°F to 77 °F.

Similar to the Black + Decker model discussed above, the Whynter ARC-14SH portable air conditioner and heater combo feature an effective dehumidifier that’s able to remove around 101 pints of moisture per day. This is an impressive capacity and will prove to be quite helpful for those who reside in a really humid environment.

All the air it takes in will go through a pre-filter and carbon air filter to be cleaned up before being released into your room, so that you can expect to breathe in clean and healthy air. The model also comes with an auto drain system that exhausts almost all condensation and utilizes them to produce cool air, so that you won’t have to worry about water accumulation either. It’s an all-around efficient system.

Other than that, it is also very easy to interact and operate this model. The control panel has simple and easy-to-understand selections while the full-function remote control is also included for your added convenience as well.

Additionally, this portable AC/Heater combo is equipped with a 24-hour programmable timer that can be set to automatically start or shut down its cooling function or heating function as per your schedule. This model also produces a minimal noise level at around 56dB on high settings, so as to not be distracting.

The installation process is also very simple and can fit in any standard window that’s not more than 47 inches wide. However, the Whynter ARC-14SH weighs around 80 pounds and is rather heavy. But considering the fact that it comes with four multi-directional wheels to facilitate easier movement, we don’t expect much need for lifting it. Thus, it’s portable, and moving it shouldn’t cause too much of a hassle.

Overall, the Whynter ARC-14SH is a gem on its own that’s designed specifically to offer consistent performance and efficiency when it comes to cooling and heating your home. This is yet another great one-stop solution that will give you great value for your money.


  1. Multiple levels of air filters to help clean up the air
  2. Simple setup
  3. Three fan speeds and a 24-hour programmable timer
  4. Four multi-directional wheels to facilitate easy movement from room to room
  5. Fairly power-efficient machine
  6. Features dehumidifying capability
  7. Delivers impressive performance in cooling and heating


  1. It May be a bit bulky and heavy to carry
  2. Might be a bit noisy at the start

3. Honeywell MM14CHCS

The MM14CHCS is a top-of-the-line unit made from a reputable company – the Honeywell brand. This multi-functional AC/heater combo model steps in third on our list not just because of its attractive modern look but it’s also a collection of wonderful features you’d want from a portable AC/Heater combo.

The Honeywell MM14CHCS is a true jack-of-all-trades just like its counterparts above. It is a cooler, heater, dehumidifier, and fan all in one neat little package. The system also boasts a powerful 14,000 BTU rating cooling capacity to offer year-round cooling for a room size of up to 550 sq. ft.

The integrated heat pump, on the other hand, delivers a smaller heating capacity of 12,000 BTUs, but nonetheless, still a powerful one and can work well in small, medium-sized, and fairly large rooms. Plus, the fan is also quite powerful and is able to circulate the air efficiently in a room for a uniform result.

The dehumidifier also has a good capacity that’s capable of pulling approximately 79.2 pints of moisture from the air per day, putting this on par with most top units on the market. The best part about this portable AC and heater unit is that it uses an auto-evaporation system to dispose of any excess condensation. You even have the option to set it up for either manual or automatic drainage.

This portable AC/heater combo also has a hassle-free operation with all four functions being controlled through an easy-to-use digital LED display. It also has an automatic programmable timer for you to set the time when you want the system to turn off or on. If you prefer not having to get up to adjust the settings, you can also choose to operate all the functions of this portable unit from a distance using a remote control.

The remote control also has a nice LED display that shows you all the settings you need like the fan speed, current mode, and current room temperature. The touch buttons on the unit control panels are also backlit to make them easy to see in the dark. They’ll also turn off after one minute.

The AC/Heater combo is relatively lightweight and weighs around 73.85 pounds with four castor wheels. Though you won’t break a sweat moving it from one room to another, it might not be as easy to carry it up and down the stairs, especially since there are no side handles for easy lifting

When it comes to noise, the portable AC and heater operates quietly for the most part, except when it’s transitioning between cooling on and off. These are the two flaws we were able to identify from this otherwise excellent overall design.

The bottom line is that this four-in-one unit from Honeywell can serve you all year round with minimal issues. Apart from the missing handles and start-up noises, the portable AC/heater combo is a well-built and effective unit that comes highly recommended.


  1. Three fan speeds
  2. High capacity dehumidifier
  3. Easy to install, operate and maintain
  4. Delivers great cooling and heating power
  5. Easy to cart around between rooms
  6. Suitable for small, medium, and fairly large rooms


  1. No handles on the sides make it challenging to lift it
  2. Makes noise when transitioning between cooling settings

4. Best for the Money – NewAir AC-14100H Portable Air Conditioner Plus Heater

The NewAir AC-14100H has everything you need to ensure a comfortable and healthy living space at home at a very affordable price. This small, powerful and versatile unit is a true top-budget choice that gets the job done without digging too deep into your pockets.

Despite its competitive price, this portable AC/Heater has a commendable quality. It’s a 4-in-1 unit just like the rest of the other models on our list that cools heats, dehumidifies, and circulates air with just one appliance. This unit can be used all year round to ensure a comfortable living environment.

The portable air conditioner and heater combo has a 14,000 BTU cooling power that is strong enough to efficiently cool a room size of up to 525 sq. ft. Besides that, the unit is also equally efficient as a heater with 14,000 BTU heating capacity to sufficiently keep a fairly decent-sized room warm during cold months.

The portable air conditioner/heater also has an adjustable thermostat that has a range of 64°F to 90°F for you to set your preferred temperature. It even does fairly well as a dehumidifier with the capability of removing up to 71.04 pints of moisture from your room a day.

Another great highlight about this portable AC/heater equipment is that it doesn’t require regular manual draining since it has an automatic evaporation system. It also has a carbon filter to clean up the air around the room.

Operating and setting the AC-14100H is a piece of cake just like the other models on our list. The exhaust hose hooks up the window vent easily in just a few minutes for simple installation. The unit uses electronic controls and an LCD display for easy adjustment. Plus, you can also choose to operate the appliance using a remote control.

The programmable and reliable timer lets you customize the operation according to your schedule such that the system will cycle on and off based on how you’ve programmed it.

The portable air conditioner and heater unit is compact and weighs around 62.85 pounds. This means that it’s not as heavy as the rest and it even has four caster wheels that roll easily to move around without much effort. The portable AC/heater also generates an acceptable level of noise that ranges around 45 to 57 dB on high settings, which is fairly quiet to let you rest peacefully and comfortably.

The bottom line is that the NewAir AC-14100H is a great portable AC/heater product for anyone on a tight budget who still needs a really good, versatile machine to rely on for both cooling and heating. This is a quality unit that will perform well and last you a long time.


  1. A powerful air conditioner and heater combo that can cool or warm medium to large-sized rooms effectively
  2. Highly portable with side handles
  3. Energy efficiency booster
  4. Quick and easy to operate and install
  5. Carbon filtering system to clean up the air in the room
  6. Reliable dehumidifier with automatic evaporation system for drainage


  1. Might produce rattling noises on high settings

5. Whynter ARC-148MHP

The ARC-148MHP portable air conditioner/heater combo is yet another well-made appliance by Whynter. This particular model stands out from the rest of the portable air conditioners thanks to its impressive cooling and heating output.

The 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner is ideal for smaller to fairly large rooms that are not more than 550 sq. ft. The heater also has a capacity of 14,000 BTU meaning you can trust it to cope well in colder months.

This portable air conditioner/heater combo also comes with an adjustable digital thermostat with a range of 62°F to 88°F for you to set the exact temperature you want based on your desired comfort level. It also has a dehumidifying function that can extract 71 pints of moisture per day. Though this is not the highest rating around, it is more than sufficient to help you maintain a healthy atmosphere in times of high humidity.

The self-evaporating function uses the moisture collected during air conditioning to cool the air down, meaning you don’t have to worry about moisture build-up inside the unit nor the need to manually drain the water tank as frequently.

The Whynter portable air conditioners are also designed to keep the air in your room cleaner and fresher with an activated carbon filter plus a silver-ion coated pre-filter that works hand-in-hand to clear up any pollutants and dust in the air. For convenience, the pre-filter is washable.

The portable air conditioner/heater has user-friendly and easy-to-press buttons and a readable display for smooth navigation. It also comes with a practical remote control that isn’t hard to operate. The 24-hour programmable timer and auto restart function help to automatically reset the appliance to its previous settings after a power outage.

Weighing around 73 pounds only, this portable air conditioner/heater is fairly compact and lightweight. Plus, it even has side handles and casters for easy mobility. The noise level it generates is also relatively low, reaching up to 55dB only on high settings, allowing you to rest well at night.

When it comes to installation and setting it up, the ARC-148MHP is nothing but a walk in the park. You can easily set this portable air conditioner anywhere indoors. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, workshop, or even garage, this air conditioner/heater combo can be relied on to perform well.

If you’re looking for the top, highly functional 14,000 BTU air conditioner/heater combos that deliver great cooling and heating results, then you might not want to miss the chance to consider this Whynter ARC-148MHP model. This is one of the best portable AC/heater combos available and it will certainly not disappoint.


  1. Easy-to-control & easy-to-use control panel
  2. Air filter to clean and freshen the air
  3. Superior cooling and heating capacity
  4. Decent humidifier capability with a self-evaporating system
  5. Highly portable and easy to install
  6. 24-hour programmable timer with auto-restart function


  1. The humidifier may not be as efficient as the other air conditioner/heater combos available

6. Friedrich PH14B

Next on the list is the Friedrich PH14B. This portable air conditioner is one of the quietest yet high-performing, upscale models that come with a dual-hose system for ultra-efficient performance. This is a great option for those willing to spend a little cash more for quality and efficiency.

Boasting an impressive 13,500 BTU cooling capability, this Friedrich AC unit will be able to comfortably cool down areas of around 500 sq. ft. The AC and heater company also claims that the portable unit is able to cover up to 700 sq. ft. area, however, we feel that claim is a tad bit far-fetched and may not perform as effectively in such a large area.

However, you can still be guaranteed that it will deliver highly effective heating and cooling capabilities in small to medium rooms that are no larger than 500 sq. ft. One thing that makes this possible is thanks to its dual-hose system which facilitates closed-loop cooling to deliver quicker and more efficient cooling results.

As for the heating function, this AC and heater unit has a capacity of 10,500 BTUs. Though it’s not as high as the other AC and heater combos, it is nearly as powerful and will be able to keep you warm during winter when it gets cold.

This best portable AC unit also has a built-in thermostat that lets you adjust your desired temperature from as low as 60°F to 90°F. The unit also doubles as a dehumidifier. In fact, this is one of the most effective dehumidifiers on our list today and can whisk away 101 pints per day, which is a very high capacity and one that will definitely keep the humidity levels in your room well balanced at all times.

Another highlight is that this appliance does not require you to empty a water bucket thanks to its self-evaporative system that gets rid of any excess moisture all by itself. In case there’s water accumulation, the unit also has a built-in back-up reservoir to hold the excess moisture and is designed to automatically shut off once the tank gets full.

Operating the ARC-14SH won’t present any challenge thanks to its easy-to-use control panel and bright LED display. It also features a 24-hour programmable timer and an auto-restart function that will automatically restart the air conditioner motor after a power outage or power failure. The unit will also resume operating based on the last programmed setting before the power was cut.

The only drawback to this otherwise amazing portable air conditioner and heater combo is its hefty weight. The whole unit weighs about 95 pounds, making this the heaviest portable AC/heater combo on our list. It’s so heavy that we recommend at least two people to lift it up.

However, this unit isn’t hard to push around between rooms thanks to the smooth caster wheels and easy-grip handles. The Friedrich PH14B provides a very quiet operation, generating around 51 dB on the highest settings, so noise should never be a problem with this unit. Installation is also quick and easy. All you need to install it comes included in the package.

Bottom line, the Friedrich Ph14B is not the cheapest of the lot. However, if you do consider its performance, build quality, and design, it does offer great value for the money. This is definitely worth the investment if you have extra money to spare.


  1. Easy to set up, operate, and maintain
  2. Comes with a fully washable air filter for easy maintenance
  3. Effective cooler and heater combo
  4. High capacity built-in dehumidifier with self-evaporative system
  5. Dual-hose system for quicker and more efficient cooling
  6. Automatically shuts off when it detects the back-up reservoir is filled


  1. Might be too heavy and require two people to lift it
  2. Might be a bit too expensive for those on a budget

Pros and Cons of Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Combos

Portable AC/Heater Combos are excellent solutions to all your cooling and heating needs without having to dig too deep into your pockets to purchase individual units. These appliances are able to provide cool, refreshing air on extremely hot days and warm, toasty heat during colder months. These units are designed as the perfect option to helping you maintain a comfortable living environment in space-challenged homes.



These portable units are obviously compact and lightweight to make it easier for you to move them from one room to another. In fact, a majority of these units come with wheels, therefore, relocating them will not be a hassle.


These portable combos provide users with dual functionality: air conditioner and heater simultaneously. Just by investing in a single unit, you get to maintain your room both warm and cool. With these units, you can also enjoy the same level of comfort that will get you if you install separate units by spending less money.

Saves Space

Setting up separate units of air conditioner and heater will require plenty of space in your room. Conversely, a portable AC/heater combo will occupy very little space since they’re small in size. Their convenient and compact size also makes them suitable for rooms with not much space, such as a small apartment or a studio unit.

Easy Installation

These units do not require any installation whatsoever. They also do not need any holes to be drilled just to set it up. You will only need to place where you want your unit to be, fix the exhaust hose for drainage and you’re all set.



These portable AC/heater units have a drawback and that is the noise generated during operation. Although the noise is minimal and not very noticeable, it might still cause a bit of disturbance when you’re trying to sleep, especially so if you’re a light sleeper.


Portable air conditioner and heater combos help you heat and cool a room on demand any day of the year. Some units even come with remote controls and bright LED control panels for easy adjustability. Features such as a programmable thermostat and auto-cycle also make it easy to help you keep your electricity bill affordable every month.

However, the most important shopping point to remember is to choose the right number of BTUs for your room size. The last thing you’d want is to purchase a unit that’s only suited to cool a smaller room. An air conditioner and heater combo are some of the most helpful devices you can purchase if you’re on a budget or have minimal space in your home.

Hopefully, today’s guide has given you enough information to make the right decision while out shopping. If you’re still hesitant and aren’t sure of which model to buy, we recommend for you to pick one from our list above and you can rest easy knowing you’ll get decades of reliable use from them.

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