Best Air Conditioner Covers in 2021 [Preparing For Winter]

You probably did a lot of research when you decided to invest in an air conditioning unit. To know what kind of unit to choose, but also what protection measures to take.

Bringing a consistent budget gap, an AC will improve your comfort during the hot season. But what are you supposed to do to keep it safe during the winter?

The potential answers to this question are somewhat controversial. If you do a simple online search, you’ll see how the opinions are divided. Uninstalling your winter air conditioner is certainly a less practical option.

As a result, the air conditioner covers sound like a pretty attractive alternative. From benefits, main characteristics to disadvantages or risks, we are all analysing them today. We put the air conditioner covers under the microscope and tell you everything you need to know.

And if you decide to get one for your AC unit, we have also prepared a review of the most recommended models. We’re sure you’ve been chasing your cooling unit long enough, so we want to save you from the trouble of endless searches.

Get ready to find out all the secrets that exist under the best air conditioner covers. Offer AC the best protection for longer life and consistent top performance. Let’s get started with the best air conditioner covers now!

Why Do You Need An Air Conditioner Cover?

Truth be told, there’s always a chance that you don’t need one. Depending on how the climate is in your area, your air conditioning unit can be safe outside all year round.

Things get a little more complicated and extra-care becomes essential if the winter freezes. So, one reason you might need an air conditioner cover is to protect your unit from excess moisture.

For those of you living in areas where winter is equal to heavy snowfall or rainfall, prevention is key. It is far from desirable to have snow or water infiltrating your AC circuits. Adequate air conditioner cover ensures proper airflow and keeps excessive humidity under control.

This way, the integrity and performance of your unit has been going on for more years. Small animals are another threat that lurks around the house and can cause damage to your AC. There are many potential unwanted inhabitants, from mice to other tiny creatures.

Nesting inside the outside part of your air conditioner is bad enough.

Now imagine how things get worse, because these animals can start chewing on the wires.

You would have to replace components all the time and the air conditioner covers unwanted costs. Appropriate air conditioner cover can block access for rodents and other animals in order to prevent them from making a nest.

One more aspect that can be considered in your decision to cover your AC unit. Spending a consistent amount of money on your home cooling system means you want to avoid additional costs.

An air conditioner cover may be useful to prolong its well-functioning and prevent unnecessary complications.

Of course, you need to make sure that the air conditioner cover is better than the damage. And for that, please read our tips and recommendations below.

When Should You Use an Air Conditioner Cover For Your Outdoor Unit?

As we mentioned earlier, your outdoor air conditioning unit is already designed to withstand the extreme conditions of winter, but you may want to consider using an air conditioner cover during the maintenance season.

This saves your air conditioner from extreme weather conditions. When we say extreme weather, we’re not just talking about snowy winters, but something more. If you live in the cold northern states of the United States or Canada, you may consider using an air conditioner cover.

If your region is prone to hail storms, blizzards, or any other unpredictable winter calamity, then you would prefer to use the air conditioner cover. But there are risks when you choose to cover your outdoor unit as well:

  • Rodent and infestation of pests
  • Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Seeding of the moisture that causes the air conditioner to rust
  • Dirt settled overtime may be sucked in while in use.

We don’t recommend that you use an air conditioner cover all winter long-that brings risk, and your unit doesn’t need protection. Save it and install it when the rough patches come in.

Features and Considerations of The Best AC Unit Covers for Winter


Think of the air conditioner covers as coats for your air conditioner. You wouldn’t buy a coat that isn’t made of waterproof and high quality materials.

There are a number of different materials used to make these products. Polyester is common and available in a variety of different deniers, measured by the “D” rating set out in the product description. Mesh materials are available as well.

Whichever material you choose usually has some form of laminate or PVC coating, this helps to make it more waterproof. You should be looking for durable and hard-wearing covers that can protect against the elements.

Water Resistance

Most of the problems that may arise from not having a cover may involve water. Whether this means the unit filling up with water or freezing the water and causing damage to the coil, it is worth finding a product that you can be confident will repel the water.


To prevent any water from freezing, a little insulation can often help to keep the temperature inside a little higher.


Some air conditioners come in a variety of different sizes, others have a specific size, others are adjustable. The important thing is that you match the size of your air conditioner. A cover that doesn’t fit is totally useless.


This isn’t supposed to be a difficult process! The best central air conditioner covers are easy to install. The top designs are simple, so there’s no need to read a lot of instructions. They’re either going to slip straight on, or they’re going to strap around the air conditioner. Some drawstrings are designed to pull them tight and adjust the size.


We’ve been looking at the bottom of our list because it’s not the most important thing. Looks are completely superficial. However, if your AC unit is in the backyard that you’ve spent a lot of time decorating, an air conditioner cover that looks good, or at least isn’t eye-bite, that’s a real plus.

Top 7 Best Air Conditioner Covers in 2021

1. Sturdy Covers AC Defender

This Sturdy Covers AC Defender is made of strong PVC-coated material designed to prevent moisture from entering the major electrical bits in your AC unit. Sturdy Covers AC Defender protects against both snow and rain.

The design incorporates clever meshwork into the material that allows some breathability. This prevents moisture from accumulating on the inside of the ac cover in the form of condensation, which could cause rust on the coils and encourage mold growth or mildew.

You can use this ac cover for the whole year. This also keeps you away from other debris that could harm your AC unit. This includes bugs, sticks, trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, and dirt.

The design incorporates the use of four bungee hooks, which attach to the sides of the unit and hold it in place. These hooks are attached to the ac cover with a strong fastener cord that can withstand all but the harshest of conditions.

It comes in three sizes and is a universal fit, meaning that it fits most standard air conditioners up to 28 inches by 28 inches. The Robust Covers AC Defender does all this while remaining lightweight at only 1.19 pounds.

The manufacturers are a family-owned business, willing to back up their belief in the product with a three-year warranty. This product is intended for outdoor air conditioner units.

Complaints have been made that the attached cords are sometimes shorter than customers thought they would be, but they work all the same. If you’re looking for an AC cover that works all seasons, this is the one you’re going to get.

The breathability aspect – while still being repulsive to moisture and debris – is a big talk.

The unit is designed to cover the top of the air conditioner unit. The mesh design stops the entrance of debris such as rocks and twigs, and is attached to all four sides with bungees. This means that a lot of different air conditioners can fit in.

It’s also available in three different sizes so you can get the one that’s closest to your AC size. The mesh material is made of PVC. It helps to reduce any moisture content, but is not completely waterproof.

As it is fitted with bungees and has a mesh cover, it also does not offer any level of insulation. That said, it protects the inside of your AC unit to a good level. On top of that, it’s also one of the easiest covers to install.

The bungees can easily be attached to the unit. The price is reasonable, the quality of the construction is excellent and the Robust Covers AC Defender even comes with a three-year warranty.

2. CoverMates

This ac cover is designed to be both light and strong. As such, the main material is a commercial grade, 12-gauge vinyl, with a second layer of woven polyester protection.

They incorporated a mesh in the design to allow for better airflow through the unit as soon as the cover is in place. Flowing air prevents mould and mildew from growing inside your unit. The mesh is covered in polyester and is too fine to let in bugs and small rodents.

Vinyl is resistant to both water and puncture, something that could happen when you put it on or take it off. It is also resistant to animal scratches, which are bound to happen with outdoor air conditioner covers.

Curious birds, lizards, and small mammals, such as raccoons, are particularly prone to “visit.” The ac cover is resistant to the effects of sunlight, including fading and brittle after continued use.

This cover is easy to install and use; you just pull it over the unit like you’re wearing a sweater. The elastic hem is going to hold it in place.

There are straps to help with the fitting, by adjusting the cover to sit gently on the unit. It has double-stitched seams to prevent dust and dirt from clinging to make it a breeze to clean.

The cover is available in different sizes, in case you have a smaller or larger air conditioner. And although this product is intended to be an AC cover, some people use it to cover boxes, toolkits and grills of a certain size.

The combination of breathability and proven resistance is a major selling point for this product. There have been complaints that the cover is a bit too light for places with harsh winters, but otherwise, it’s a great AC shielding option.

3. Classic Accessories Ravenna Square

Measuring 2.7 pounds, this is a lightweight cover that can be used for both furniture and air conditioners. It comes in two shapes for this purpose, with a round 34″ diameter by 30″ high furniture cover and a square 34″ x 34″ x 30′ cover for AC units.

It is made of a patented polyester weave called Gardelle One, which has been treated with a UV-resistant coating and also has a water-resistant laminated backrest. It’s easy to install and use with reinforced padded handles.

The handles make it easier to remove the cover when not in use. Double-stitched seams offer additional support and give it a stylish look. They come with structured mesh vents designed to keep it open and reduce the chances of wind lift.

They also prevent mold or mildew from growing. There are adjustable webbing belts that give the product a certain tailored look. The patented fastening system with adjustable belt hem keeps the product secure against heavy wind.

This fastening system also comes with a custom colored buckle. The product is secured at the bottom of the unit by an advanced hem cord elastic that is designed to stay on even in heavy wind.

It comes in understated colors such as espresso, mushroom and dark taupe. They are easy to maintain, as the dirt is not prominently visible on them. There have been complaints that the product is not ideal for harsh winters.

The weight of the snow and the extreme wind is likely to cause tears in the cover. This is an AC cover with so many great features that it’s hard to pick just one. The functionality alone is stellar.

From the patented polyester weave to the handles, they’ve been thinking about everything. There’s a concern about its stability in the harsh winter, so people living in places like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis might want to be attentive.

4. Hybrid Covers

Made of commercial-grade 400D woven polyester, this is a heavy AC cover designed to take a beating out of the elements. The material is resistant to tearing and deterioration of UV light. It’s not going to fade or become brittle with continued use.

It is also waterproof and keeps the important coils in your AC unit from freezing and rust. It works on all standard AC units up to 34″ long x 34″ wide x 30″ high, including Frigidaire, Lennox, Trane, Bryant, Coleman, Carrier and American Standard, among others.

It weighs four pounds, which is considerably more than most of the market options. Army green color makes it harder for dirt to be seen from afar, which is a desirable quality in an outdoor air conditioner, especially since it is unlikely to be washed more than once a season.

The cleaning process is also easy, requiring a quick soap hose. This product is designed to be adjustable, with the Velcro side opening. The styling includes air conditioners that have pipes or hoses coming from the top or the bottom.

It’s as easy to use as putting it on the air conditioner unit and tightening the drawstring cord. The cord pulls out any excess material and snugly secures the cover, shielding your AC from heavy storms. It’s got a cord lock to keep it in place.

This is one of the few products that customers have attested to even in heavy winter. This is mainly due to the heavy-duty material, the quality of the construction and the long-lasting double stitching.

5. AmazonBasics Square

Part of the Amazon home base, this is designed to fit a wide range of air conditioners. It is made of 100% polyester, which protects from dirt and dilutes the effects of the sun.

It’s waterproof to keep away from rainwater and snow, it’s built with durability in mind, and comes with interlocking seams that are harder to weaken and rip over time. It’s easy to use and slips easily on the AC unit.

There are loop handles to help with the removal, and to make any fit adjustments. It’s got click-close straps that fit securely around the unit and make it harder for strong winds to rip it off.

It’s easy to clean, requiring a simple wipe with a damp cloth to take care of most of the dirt. There have been two main complaints about the product, however, with some customers claiming that it is not as suitable for smaller air conditioners as it should be.

It’s also known to pool rainwater at the center of the cover, which means that you’ve put something underneath to encourage runoff. A soccer ball is just fine. Place the ball at the top of the air conditioner unit, but under the cover for best results.

Some people have also referred to the white color as a garnish. As part of Amazon’s in-house product line, there is a guarantee of quality. The straps have worked great for a while, but the plastic heads are getting weaker and broken over time.

6. ​​​Cosfly AC Cover

The CosFly is an even thicker denarius cover. A 600D polyester offers protection against a wide range of different conditions and items that can get into your central air conditioning unit and cause havoc.

The inside layer of this cover is completely waterproof and this protects the AC unit, with manufacturers claiming that this rust protection can extend the life of your air conditioner by 20%. This could make an excellent investment.

Vents help with the flow of air and stop bacteria from building up inside, and like many of the covers, CosFly also has drawstrings to help you tighten the cover around your air conditioner. It’s available in four different sizes to best suit your AC unit.

This is one of the cheaper air conditioners on the market, making a good investment. It is long-lasting and well-built enough, despite being at an affordable end to the market.

7. Resistant Ravenna 34 Inch Square Air Conditioner Cover

Check out this Classic Accessories item for a unified look between your patio elements. The Ravenna AC Cover is part of a collection designed to protect the furniture of your patio. This waterproof cover is both stylish and durable.

Plus, this comes with a lifetime warranty. It also features reinforced padded handles for easy installation and removal. This air conditioner cover includes several self-supporting air vents for improved ventilation. UV rays, excessive water, dirt and mould have no chance of reaching your Ravenna AC unit.

It has a limited lifetime warranty, durable woven polyester fabric with added UV-stabilized coating, water-resistant, reinforced padded handles for easy removal, self-supporting air vents and a stylish design. However, some customers accused the system of ineffective security.

Pros and Cons of Getting an AC Cover

Every product on the market comes with a set of pros and cons, and so does AC. Whether the pros of the item make it worth buying regardless of the cons is a decision you make for yourself. Here are some pros and cons of investing in the AC cover to help you decide.



Over time, a lot of dust can find a place in your air conditioner. This collected dust proves to be harmful to your unit. With the cover for your air conditioner, you will ensure that your unit is protected from all particles that may impair the functionality of your air conditioner.

Better Energy Consumption

As mentioned above, there may be a lot of dust in your air conditioner without any cover. This dust can prevent the best performance of your air conditioner. It takes a lot more energy to provide the same functionality that can add to your electricity bill. The AC cover can also contribute to better energy consumption.


Extra Cost

Air conditioners themselves are expensive goods. Getting a cover for them is an extra cost. While some users may find the unit worth the expense, others feel that the quality of the air conditioner construction does not really require the extra cost of the AC cover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Cover My Air Conditioner For the Winter?

Winters are the toughest of the seasons. Everything needs to be protected from the cold and the snow. And there’s no difference in your AC. If you’re wondering how to cover your AC, you just need to invest in an AC cover. There are a lot of them out there, just make sure you choose one that’s breathable for your unit.

How Much Does an Air Conditioner Cover Cost?

There are a lot of different types of air conditioner covers available on the market. The price varies from product to product and from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you want a general estimate, the average unit would cost about $4,500, but the process could range from $3,500 to $6,000.

Should My AC Unit be in the Shade?

There are certain things that need to be taken care of while you’re in the air conditioner. Sunlight is one of the important factors. Keeping the air conditioning unit in the shade is important, but it must be kept in mind that too much shade is not too good either. It could restrict the flow of air and cause the unit to heat up and damage.

Should I Cover My AC Unit in the Summer?

During the summer season, there is no snow and water that the unit needs to be protected from, but there are other factors that could damage the AC. These include dust, pollen, and smaller particles. Even excessive sunlight could prove harmful to your unit.


Getting a cover for the air conditioner is a controversial move. It can prove very beneficial to your unit if it has to face extreme weather conditions.

However, it is not necessarily recommended by many manufacturers. If you’re using the air conditioner all year round, it’s built to withstand all weather challenges.

For those who want to help maintain the integrity of their units during the offseason, the answer may be a cover. We advise you to always check the recommendations of the manufacturer. And we hope that today’s article has managed to remove some of your doubts.

If your air conditioner needs coverage, one of our five most recommended models should be fit. Let us know in the comments whether or not you support the idea of using an air conditioner cover. Until the next article, stay cool and enjoy the season!

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