Best Air Conditioner Condenser pads in 2021

Condensor pads out of an AC are some heavy-duty products that are used to condense and control any refrigerant vapor from gao form to liquid form. These ac condenser pads are large and bulky and may sink into the ground over a long period of use. And once they do, the ac condenser pads may malfunction and not work as intended.

As such, it is important to get the best type of condenser pad for your air conditioning. The best quality types of ac condenser pads out there will have a high tolerance and weight capacity which would help prevent the ac condenser pads from running themselves into the ground over a long term of usage. This is why it is important to get the best equipment pad on the market.

We have put together the best ac condenser pads currently on the market right now so you will be able to select a worthy product.

Why you will need AC condenser pads

If you have an air condenser that is placed outside of your home, especially on ground level, it will sink to the ground due to how the air conditioning unit works. Basically, vibrations plus water accumulation due to weather conditions may result in the air conditioner condenser sinking below ground level and may end up causing it to not work as expected.

An AC condenser pad would help to prevent this issue, as it could prevent it from sinking below ground level.

Difference Between AC Unit Pads vs Concrete Pads

Some users might wonder why you should buy a textured pad over filling out some concrete and then making your own concrete pads. Actually, both ways are acceptable and there are pros and cons to both options.

One thing to note is that ac unit pads were not something that has been around for very long, this is because the traditional way to keep an air condenser from sinking into the ground and to ensure they level the ground is by using concrete. This is because pads made out of concrete will easily stabilise the air condenser. AC unit pads have come about in order to overcome the disadvantages of concrete pads.

As mentioned earlier, ac unit condensers typically release a lot of vibrations and some are heavy, so ac unit pads are built to resist the unit’s vibrations. Additionally, a concrete pad will take some time to set up while it will be cheaper and less time is required to place an ac unit pad since you will not need to prepare and pour the concrete out yourself.

Also, there are a number of steps that you have to go through when choosing to go with concrete pads such as building and setting up a frame, base as well as reinforcements for the pad and you will have to perform these steps before the concrete can be poured. There is a chance of messing up your pad if you are not experienced enough to do so.

That does not mean concrete pads do not come with their own advantages.

AC Unit pads are made out of some less durable materials such as rubber, styrofoam, plastic and possibly a mix of either three. They are also more prone to sinking into the ground compared to concrete, although if the unit is way too heavy, concrete would sink deep into the ground as well.

Overall, pads made out of concrete would probably be able to hold bigger and heavier units without shattering but take note that over a long period of time, it is possible the concrete would become uneven which may result in straining of any electrical lines and copper coolant tubes.

Ac unit pads would be cheaper and less time consuming as well as being easier to replace in case a replacement pad is needed.

Factors To Consider When Buying AC Condenser Pads

If you have decided you want to purchase an AC pad, there are some factors you should consider and fortunately for you it is not such a troublesome process to look for some guidance that we have highlighted below.

There are a couple of factors of ac condenser pads that you should take into account before purchasing one as the features that the product have should make your purchase worth it. Make sure to check out our list below in order to look for the best types of condenser pads out there.


The main thing to look out for in your air conditioner condenser pad will be how durable the black pad is. This is the main point of your purchase anyway – to make sure it lasts long enough so that your ac pad will not sink into the ground!

The air conditioner condenser pad should be durable enough that it will not fall apart either during the installation or even shortly after the installation is done as you would not want to get a brand new air conditioner pad a few weeks after you purchased your last one.

In order to determine the durability of your AC pad, you should look out for what material the condenser pad is made out of, as not every condenser pad is made from the same material.

The most common type of condenser pad for your average ac unit is made out of styrofoam, which although is lightweight and easy to transport, does not really last long in your home especially if the ac unit is packing a very heavy air condenser. The condenser pad may also break or snap if you accidentally mishandle or even step on it.

Other condenser pads are made out of recycled plastic which is a better and more durable material if compared to styrofoam. This is because an ac condenser pad made out of recycled plastic will be more sturdy while still maintaining some lightweight properties such as not being too heavy.

Their recycled plastic properties also ensure that the air conditioner condenser pads will not make way to a bulky air conditioning unit condenser and crack under the weight.

Another factor to take into account on your ac pad will be the surface of the unit pad. Are they ribbed? A ribbed ac condenser pad will ensure that the weight of the condenser unit is distributed equally and will ensure more stability of the AC condenser pad. This is why you would want to be sure to check if your ac condenser pad is ribbed.

UV Resistant and Waterproof/Water-Resistant

One thing to note when selecting and setting up your air conditioner condenser pads are that you will set them outside of your house and they will be exposed to weather conditions such as UV Rays and rain for long periods of time.

If an ac unit condenser pad is not UV resistant enough to sun rays, then it may break and end up cracking which you would not want to happen to your ac pads if you want to ensure they maintain their efficiency and still look good.

Selecting a UV resistance ac pad will prevent the ac pad from cracking and protect itself from the rays of the sun.

In the meantime, since you are already selecting a UV resistant ac pad, you should also lookout for an ac pad that is waterproof as water could also make the condensing unit pad crack if exposed too much. There are also other factors the ac pad may face such as rain and snow exposure due to the season

AC Pad Zoning and Size

You will need to check on the zoning codes of your local city or town before you purchase an ac pad, this is because different regions may require a 3” pad as a minimum size no matter what size your air condenser unit is, even on the smallest ac units.

There are also laws in place that mentioned where your condenser unit pad can be placed. Although you may personally find the best place to place your condensing unit pad, you still have to follow the law and ensure that you are complying with the rules and regulations of your area that are related to the condensing unit pad.


An extra feature that you should look out for on your ac pad would be if it possesses a non-slipping surface. Due to the water accumulation under your ac unit condenser, it might be possible for the unit pad to slip out under your condensers.

As such, a non-slip ac unit pad ensures that it is slip-resistant and will not end up on the ground next to the unit.

Installation Process

If an ac pad has all the features but being not easy to install, it might not be worth it. As such you should look for condensers products that have easy installation and does not take hours and are difficult to handle.

As such, an ac pad that is easy to handle would be a better unit pad to help hold up your air conditioners’ condensers.

A general rule would be that the concrete pad will have an instruction manual on the best way to install your ac unit pad as some ac unit pads would require anchors to fit in place and these anchors only fit in specific angles and locations under the ac unit condenser.

Some pads also might require a professional to install, so you might not want a pad that is hard for them to fix on your ac unit condenser.

Top 5 Best Air Conditioner Condensor Pads in 2021

1 Diversitech EL3636 e lite Plastic Condensing Unit Pad (Best overall)

This DIversitech black pad is an excellent ac unit pad that ticks every factor that we suggest to look out for in our list. It is made out of recycled plastic making it very durable and will be able to handle anything you might throw at it.

This ac unit pad is made out of heavy-duty material and is three inches thick. The Diversitech equipment pad is able to hold up to 250 pounds which increases its versatility to the type of AC unit‘s that it will be able to support.

Other than an ac unit, the Diversitech EL3636 e lite pad is able to hold up any electric generators, garden composters or pool heaters as well as any other item that could possibly need a pad for.

One special feature of the Diversitech e lite pad is that it comes with anchors which are especially great for those who are living in areas that are exposed to extreme weather or are generally windy. The e lite pad is especially tough and you could not go wrong with the e lite black pad.

Overall, the e lite ac condenser pad is a high-quality pad that will probably last you years and will not deteriorate even with the heaviest of air conditioners being placed on it. The only thing to consider is that the e lite pad probably sacrificed its aesthetics for strong features.


  • Versatile
  • UV Resistant and waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comes with anchors for stability for extreme weather such as hurricanes
  • Great customer service


  • Not aesthetic

2 DiversiTech ACP36363 The Black Pad

The Diversitech ACP3636-3 is a versatile pad that although not as good as the EL 3636 e lite, is still sturdy and able to hold its own and used for a variety of different usages.

The pad works great on holding different types of equipment such as a washer/dryer, pool pumps, mineral dispensers, pool heater and even an electric generator. Although not as advertised, it could also be placed in the bathroom for elderly folds as it has anti-slippage properties and also as a small platform boost to enter the bathtub.

Its high durability also prevents any pet owners from getting their ac condenser pads to being chewed as it is highly resistant due to the ac condenser pad being three inches thick and made out of a mixture of plastic and rubber

On top of that, the plastic used to make the ac pad is recycled so you would not be contributing much to the pollution of the earth. The ac pads of Diversitech, although thick and bulky, are quite easy to drill through so that you will be able to secure any equipment you may have into the ground and as such we are not able to complain and dislike a lot about this ac pad!

Overall, the DiversiTech ACP 3636-3 is one of the better ac pads out there for its price although we do have a small complaint that the item actually does not feature the size that it was advertised.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Hold up to 200 pounds
  • Textured surface for anti-slippage properties


  • Advertised as 36 x 36 inches but is actually smaller than advertised.

3 DiversiTech UC3636-3 Ultralite Concrete Equipment Pad

This unit of concrete pads would be a very nice item to have although it is not entirely true that the UC3636 3 is made out of concrete, it does look like it. This pad is also very lightweight and easy to handle which is a plus.

As such this pad is actually made for a unit that is on the lighter end of the scale as the UC 3636 3 would probably not be best used for any unit that is heavy. This unit pad is made out of styrofoam – which we do not recommend if you plan on having the pad be exposed to extreme conditions and is sprayed with concrete.

As such, you will not be able to use anchors in the material and also not be able to hold a very heavy ac. Although it is lightweight and not very durable, its pricing point is also on the more high end of the spectrum.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Suitable for the light unit


  • Price
  • Not actually made out of concrete
  • Anchors will not hold

4 Equipment Pad for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump Outdoor Condenser Units 18x38x3

If you are a homeowner living around an area with soft ground, you will definitely find the Ecopad Equipment Pad useful as the pad will be able to settle and keep your ac unit in place. No worries about it going to slip and fall.

The highlighted feature of this pad for the price is the sturdiness of the product even though their units are lightweight. Due to this reason, it will be sturdy enough to support ac units on a heavier level while still being easy to manoeuvre around.

A downside that we have noticed is that some deliveries and units have come with missing items and defects but if it doesn’t it would be a pad that is very useful to have.


  • Sturdy to hold units
  • Lightweight
  • Easily settles into the ground


  • Some users experience delivery with missing parts

5 Diversitech E Lite Plastic Equipment Pad for HVAC System

This unit pad is made out of injection-moulded polypropylene so it is very sturdy and easily able to withstand harsh weather conditions. This durable pad is perfect as a mounting base for HVAC outdoor units and easily outperforms any other concrete equipment pad for their prices.

The pad also features an easily drillable design that makes it easy to secure any equipment as well as boasting an anti-slipping top texture.

Although advertised as lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, we found it to be still slightly heavy so some effort will be needed to manoeuvre it.


  • Able to support 2-ton units
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Fits into a paver base
  • Sturdy


  • Heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of a pad?

The main purpose of the pad is to ensure that your ac unit is stabilised. It ensures that the central unit is placed securely and will not be moved due to the vibrations that are emanating from the machine and as such if a pad is placed and securely properly, it will help to extend the life of an ac.

Q: How to measure the size of a pad?

As mentioned above, the size of a pad plays a very important role when you are selecting which product to purchase, you will need sure that the pad in itself is big enough that the compressor supports have enough distance between them and the pad perimeter.

Q: Do I have to anchor down my pad?

Although not necessarily mandatory, if you take the extra time to anchor down and strap down your pad, it could be seen as additional security put in place to ensure that the pad is secured well. This is because sometimes, due to the vibrations of the unit, the ground becomes loose over time.

Your product’s instruction manuals would provide instructions on anchoring down your pad

Q: Is it mandatory to level my AC pad?

It is absolutely mandatory that your AC pad is on the same level as the ground as this is because there are moving parts in the condenser to ensure that it is working properly, such as oil levels inside. If these are not level, it could result in the motor of the compressor not being successfully lubricated and would eventually lead to an inefficient or overheated condenser unit.

Q: What location should I set my pad?

You should select a location that is within close proximity to the house so that any necessary connections and hookups can be made.

Q: How to level my pad?

It is an important factor to ensure your pad is levelled to prevent any problems that might occur with the unit’s fan blade or compressor oil. If after setting up your pad and it is not level, you should try to dig out some dirt or split from underneath the unit or pad from whichever side is higher.

After that, proceed to use the freshly dug earth previously and use it to prop your unit up from the side that is lower and this will ensure that it becomes level.

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