First and foremost, thank you for popping by this section to learn more about what HVAC Foundation is really all about. I am beyond grateful that you have spent your precious time doing so.

My name is Daniel Turner, the founder and chief editor of hvacfoundation.com. Due to my old age, I am now retired from HVAC tech and no longer do much physically with HVAC. However, I do have more than 30 years of experience in HVAC and I would like to share as much knowledge as I can on this subject.

The Reasons Behind The Journey of HVAC Foundation

I started out from scratch in HVAC myself, I have gone through the process that you are going through right now. The journey for me was not an easy one. Back then, the internet was not as advanced as it is today and I had to seek advice from my peers who had hands-on experience.

When I tried to search for more information, I was puzzled by the endless amount of options and aggressive online sales tactics. It made the HVAC tech way more difficult than it already is.

Having to go through what most of my peers and I have when starting out in HVAC tech can be unnecessarily time-consuming and energy-draining.

Our Vision & Missions

As such, I have decided to start HVAC Foundation with the primary aim of cutting the clutter and help upcoming HVAC techs like you in finding the best HVAC solutions for your unique needs. I firmly believe that finding the best bang for your buck HVAC should be a simple and transparent process.

In hvacfoundation.com, I will review and compare some of the top HVAC products to make things easier for you. Besides that, I will also provide you with some insights that would help you on your journey as an HVAC tech.

I have more than 30 years of experience in this field and I am certain it would be beneficial to most of you.

I sincerely appreciate your support to HVAC Foundation. Thank you for reading my articles and reviews. All of them took me hours of work just to put them together in a clear and concise manner. I’m really enjoying writing and publishing these articles. I hope you’re enjoying it just as much as I when reading my content.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Cheers, and all the best.