Best 14000 BTU Air Conditioners in 2021 [Top Reviews]

A 14000 BTU portable air conditioner is a powerful cooling appliance with a cooling capacity of 14000 British Thermal Units per hour. It can cover up to 500 square feet of space.

If you happen to be living in a place where temperatures can rise to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) and above, you may have already considered looking for the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner to beat the heat, especially during the summer.

The Reasons for getting a Powerful AC

We’re recommending Haier HPN14XCM and we’re going to tell you why. If you don’t have an air conditioner installed in your house, you’re familiar with the experiences of a sticky, uncomfortable feeling in which you have to suffer from the hottest summers you want to have your own air conditioning unit.

Knowing that not every home can accommodate these full-size air conditioning units, either because of a lack of space or, perhaps, because of a limited budget, portable units, is the way forward. Nowadays, you have the option of buying portable air conditioners that are cheaper and can fit nicely on the corner of your room or on the wall.

These portable AC are not completely perfect, or without their critics, but they can do their job in times of need. There are, however, a number of portable air conditioners that are thought to be inefficient both in function and comfort. Unlike standard air conditioners, we should learn that their capabilities have limitations and that their models vary from one to the other.

For example, space cooling coverage may be relatively smaller than central air conditioning. You may also not find the unit to completely and quickly lower the room temperature, so you’ll have to figure out how much power you’re going to need. It can also produce a loud sound while running, possibly giving discomfort to anyone who uses it.

In this article, our aim is to avoid the least efficient models. Strange enough, there are portable air conditioners that don’t really work as expected, keeping owners sweating in contrast to the reason they were built. In addition, the manoeuvring of certain units across rooms can take a considerable amount of effort and patience to achieve this.

This makes the relocation of the unit a problem for the owner, thinking of not moving the unit at all, because it only brings an unenthusiastic activity. In the end, it did not serve its basic purpose. These concerns make it very important to identify products that have the best 14000 btu performance and function.

So you decided to purchase a portable air conditioner, which is a pretty good choice these days. However, you will then encounter btu or British Thermal Units. The unit is normally used to measure how much heat something like a stove can put out of it. They are used to determine the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water to one degree of Fahrenheit.

In the case of air conditioners, it’s more about how much heat they can take every hour out of the room. A portable BTU air conditioner that’s too low will not remove enough heat at a decent amount of time to even be worth it, while a BTU that’s too much means you’re turning into a popsicle in no time and jack your power bill through the roof.

The variation in portable air conditioners comes with the use of BTU or British Thermal Units. Understanding BTU gives a significant advantage to those who want an excellent deal. The majority of manufacturers use British Thermal Units to differentiate between variations of portable air conditioning units in their product lines, which also clearly correspond to the price estimation.

Based on the calculations made using the variables suggested by ENERGY STAR as a basis, we have discovered that the relationship between easy portability and the power of the 14000 ranged unit can be inversely proportional to each other. This means that the more powerful the ranged unit is, the greater the size and the greater the risk of inconvenience when moving.

This is evident in our current case, as 14000 BTU models weigh more than 100 pounds. Although they are lovable for efficient temperature control and comfort, they can produce constant, loud noises that can cause disturbance to anyone who sleeps in the vicinity.

On the other hand, with the understanding of the British Thermal Units, consumers can easily justify what they need in a portable air conditioner. This review goes through some of the best 14000 btu air conditioners.

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Portable air conditioning is a manoeuvrable cooling system that provides a conventional way to air condition a room. They use refrigerants that, depending on the heat they take, change the liquid state into gas.

The pressure provided by the air conditioning unit creates heat that propels the hot air through the hose, mostly outdoors. At the same time, cool air is ejected into the room, lowering its temperature.

Single vs dual hose units

In single hose units, the function of the portable air conditioner is simply based on the creation of negative pressure, attracting unconditioned warm air, which may cause mishaps, which may result in the less efficient and loud working of the units.

Unlike single hose units, dual hose units accommodate a set of outlet and intake hoses in which the intake hose pulls outer air to cool both the compressor and the condenser, while the other hose discharges outer air.

After obtaining correspondence and further research on the subject, the performance of our three best 14000 BTU units from one to the other seems almost identical. The Whynter ARC-14S, a dual hose, showed the best performance of the best portable air conditioner in terms of true cooling.

However, having the downside of being expensive may not make it worth the value of most consumers. Also, dual hose units are superior to single hose units in terms of pure cooling power, but the difference can be insignificant if you look at other low-cost and similarly attractive models that still prove to have a solid cooling capacity.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important part of the ‘checklist’ that should be considered important to consider. Most A/C units with 14000 btu usually run at a rate of 1.7KW per hour.

If you choose an energy efficient model, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. The higher the EER level, the more efficient the product is. You should be aiming for a rating of 9.7 or higher, anything above 10 is considered to be highly efficient.

Area Coverage

Your A/C unit should be able to cover a decent area in your household. Most decent 14000 BTU units will be able to cover approximately 300-400 sq ft. Lower quality units will cover approximately 150 sq ft. Make sure you understand how big your house or room is before you buy your next portable AC unit.

Extra Features

Any additional features are a great advantage. More services can be provided by extra modes or fan speeds. For example, you’d be living a dream if your unit would heat up your house as well as cool it down. Actually, there are a few high-quality units capable of delivering this. A dehumidifier is also built-in for a few models.

Who needs a portable unit?

Portable units are the proposed solution for people who are unable to use a standard air-conditioning unit within certain limits. Standard air conditioners, for example, require horizontal windows, which limit the use of vertical types.

In addition, in situations where the user is not allowed for installations such as rented apartments and so on, this restricts the use of standard air conditioners. If cooling is intended for a house, you will most likely need two or three separate standard air-conditioning systems that would be sufficient to cool each room, such as a living room, bedroom, etc.

It could cost you a lot of money. That’s why many would prefer to use a single hose portable air conditioner because of the manoeuvrability and efficiency that you can move from room to room. But as indicated above, a high-powered unit can sometimes be a hideous, large-scale power hog.

However, this is highly recommended for users who cannot afford to instal the expensive central air cooling system. Besides, for individuals who do not have to stay at home most of the day, portable air conditioners are a very reasonable and affordable alternative.

Portable ACs Aren’t As Powerful as Window ACs

First of all, portable AC has their own advantages, including:

  • Less of a window is being blocked.
  • The exhaust hose, 4-6 feet, allows versatility to be installed in the portable air conditioner.
  • Some homeowner associations do not allow AC windows because they stick out of the house and are not attractive.
  • A Portable AC is not going to fall out of the window, as window ACs are a danger to do.

You can roll these units from room to room – a Window AC must be carried unless you use a cart. There is, however, one distinct disadvantage – cooling power. There are two ways to measure the potential of a portable air conditioner for BTU. Both rate how many BTU of heat the unit can remove per hour from the room.

The rating of the ASHRAE or American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers is the oldest and the one used to name/label the most portable ACs. All of those on this list have an ASHRAE rating of 14000 BTU for 14000 BTU portable air conditioner.

The SACC or Seasonally Adjusted Cooling Capacity rating established by the US DOE is significantly lower. In short, when the portable air conditioner emits warm air through the hose, a little warm air is drawn inside through the doorways and windows. This is due to the negative indoor air pressure caused by exhaustion of the air.

It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to allow infiltration from the outside. 14000 btu Heat Out/Up to 6,500 btu In This means that the net effect of removal of btu for portable ACs is reduced. For some units, if 14000 btu of heat are removed per hour, the unit will heat up to 6,500 btu. That’s why the SACC rating for many of these units is 7,500 BTU.

There are no portable air conditioners for Energy Star. Not all portable air conditioners manufacturers list both ratings, so caveat emptor or “buyer beware.” Most of them list only ASHRAE ratings. That’s why this information is shared here – so that you can make a good purchase decision.

Window ACs vs Portable ACs – Effective Cooling Power

Window air conditioners don’t pull in the warm air, so if the rating is 14000 BTU, you can trust that they will remove that much heat. As a result, they are rated at up to 650 square feet. Portable ACs with an ASHRAE rating of 14000 btu have a SACC rating of between 7,500 and 10,000 btu, so they can keep just 250-450 square feet cool and comfortable.

These are the facts, and you should know them before buying a portable air conditioner. Other sites that list Best Portable ACs do not mention lower SACC ratings, so their readers will purchase units that will not cool and dehumidify the space.

The sites either don’t understand the difference, or they don’t care to pass on misleading information. These AC windows are beefy enough to cool and dehumidify 450 to 750 square feet.

The 14000 BTU portable air conditioners included in this guide are the largest PACs available. If you have more than 500 square feet to cool down, an AC window or an AC through the wall will be a better choice.

The Importance of Dehumidification Power

The best 14000 btu portable air conditioners on our list vary considerably in the amount of moisture they remove per hour. At the top, the LG Dual Inverter PAC is capable of removing 6.8 pints per hour. That’s more than 10 gallons of water in 12 hours.

Whynter ARC-148MHP removes only 3.0 pints or 4.5 gallons over 12 hours. If you live in a wetland like the South or Southeast, removing moisture is crucial to making indoor air more comfortable. It can also be quite humid in the East, Northeast and Midwest.

The Mid-Atlantic region is hot and sticky in summer, so it’s nice to have a good dehumidifier. It is less important in the dry areas of the western plains and the southwest. Keep that in mind as you shop for a portable air conditioner, and you’re going to be happier with the one you choose. Whynter is falling short in the summer.

Top 6 Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

1. Koldfront WTC14012WCO230V 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This unit is currently the best 14000 BTU air conditioners on the market compared to its competitors. It can cover an area of 700 sq ft. which is one of the largest areas that any AC unit can cover. This coverage is limited to industrial strength.

The device operates only with a 230V socket and has an energy efficiency rating of 9.4. It might be a beast, but it uses the best energy it can. In addition to the basic functions, it also offers a number of additional bonuses, such as sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and energy efficient mode.

All of these features can be operated via remote control, making it more accessible to everyone in every situation. Dehumidifier and air filtration are also a great way to create a clean environment for your family.

Undoubtedly the best product on this list and also the best currently on the market. Covering a stunning 700 sq ft and using a 230V socket, this AC unit is a beast when it comes to air conditioning.

The energy used by this remote control device is definitely used in the most energy efficient way possible, as it contains a very good 9.4 EER rating. As well as saving energy consumption, the built-in air filter and dehumidifier also removes a lot of dust particles and humid air.

These functions can be controlled by remote control, which is useful for most people. In addition to these functions, there are additional features such as timers and sleeper modes. The only downside to this product is that it is not portable because it is a window air conditioner unit and is extremely heavy, weighing 78.1lbs.

2. Whynter ARC-14SH 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The product benefits from a dual hose system that can increase the power of your cooling system. The intake and exhaust hose is a feature that your household will benefit from when the summer months are over. The device offers three modes of operation, A/C, fan and dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier can extract up to 101 pints of fluid from the air every day. Like the previous model, this device is extremely effective in covering a large area, as it can cool an area of up to 500 sq ft. The device comes with an air filter to remove any dust particles from the air inside your house. This can be easily cleaned, making it easier to use.

There are also extra features like a 24-hour timer that make it a great choice. It provides evaporative technology. This means that there is very little drainage. Most of the moisture is blown out of the window exhaust hose.

It also includes a 24-hour timer, remote control, antimicrobial filter, and 3.8 pint/hour dehumidification. It produces more net BTU of cooling than most so that it can serve up to 400 square feet of cooling. But the improved cooling power comes with a slightly higher price tag.

The dual hose system is of great benefit and should allow the A/C to cover larger areas, and that’s exactly what this device does with a span of up to 500 sq ft. The dual hose air filter is also easy to clean, which means that it will be more effective in capturing dust particles.

Another feature that cleans the air is a dehumidifier that extracts 101 pints per day. Another benefit for those in warmer climates is the 24-hour feature that should help you sleep at night. The only problem is that portable units are better suited to smaller areas as they take a while to cool larger areas. Another downside is that the device is noisy with a 60Hz rating.

3. Keystone 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This product is the best on the market for those over-the-wall installations and will effectively cool down an area of up to 700 sq ft. This unit offers a range of different features, such as three separate cooling speeds and fan speeds.

The auto-cool function also allows flexibility when the temperature is too hot. All of these controls can be accessed via the electronic control panel or via the included remote control panel. This makes it easy to access these features when you’re in another room or when cooking, etc. It is also 100% efficient in its use of energy.

Covering a vast area of your household, 700 square feet. Ft. to be exact, you won’t have to worry about your house is cool in the summer months. Your home can be cooled at multiple speeds or at different temperatures.

These settings can be controlled via an electronic control panel or remote control and are easy to use for anyone in any situation, whether cooking or putting children to bed. Despite using up a tonne of energy, it uses all of it to make it the best with an energy efficiency of 9.3. The only downside is that it takes a tonne to set up a cross-wall device.

4. Honeywell HL14CESWK 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The slimly designed unit can fit seamlessly into any area of your home. In addition to being an attractive product, the unit can cover an area of up to 700 square metres. Ft. with the cool, powerful air. As the device gives you a powerful flow of cool air, it’s important that the built-in thermal protection kicks in to save the day.

Added features like a dehumidifier are also great for cleaning up any of the humid air that stops you from sleeping at night. The dehumidifier may extract up to 111 pints of liquid per day. The dual hose filter also helps to remove smaller dust particles from the air twice as effectively as possible.

Also, the dehumidifier does not need to be emptied as the water can auto-evaporate. When you’re looking for a portable A/C unit, one of the first things you’re looking for is if it’s compact and well designed to fit anywhere in your home.

This unit is exactly what it is. As well as good looks, it works great too and can cover a range of up to 700 square metres. Uh, ft. The dehumidifier function can operate on a continuous drain, which extracts up to 111 pints of fluid per day and can also auto-evaporate any liquid from its tray. The only downside is that these portable units are not as quick to cool your house as window units or dual hose units.

5. JHS A018-14KR/C 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This newly upgraded model has a brand new compressor that will be twice as efficient in cooling your warehouse or home. The new model will be able to complete the 320 square. Ft. cooling capability in just 20 minutes.

The added feature of this device is at the top of the device in the form of an air outlet that spreads air more evenly throughout your room. The three fan speeds should be capable of increasing the rate at which the area can be cooled. A dehumidifier option is also helpful in cleaning any humid air in your household.

This device extracts up to 63.4 pints of liquid per day. After extracting this, the dehumidifier also comes with an auto-evaporation function, which means that you don’t need to empty it anytime soon. This newly upgraded model has many more features than the previous version.

The updated compressor will be able to cool an area of up to 320 square metres. Ft. within 20 minutes, making this a really impressive option. The dehumidifier is built-in and can extract up to 63.4 pints of fluid each day, which will also evaporate automatically.

This product has a few downsides, such as the fact that it does not have remote control, making this device less flexible. The limited number of features is also lower. The reason it’s so limited is directly related to the cheap price, so don’t expect the world to buy this device.

6. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This portable device can cool any house or warehouse up to 350 sq ft in size. It does a great job of cooling all that air, but what’s better is a built-in dehumidifier that can auto-evaporate any liquid that is collected. This saves you the difficulty of draining any fluids you’ve collected.

The A/C unit only uses a single hose exhaust system to flush out any hot air generated during the cooling process. Features like a 24-hour timer are also a great help to anyone who wants to set it to work during the warmest part of the day. During the process, some units may become noisy.

However, at the moment, this is one of the quietest on the market. If anything goes wrong, you will benefit from up to a five-year warranty on your product. The many advantages of this device, such as the lack of any noise, are what makes this device so unique.

The dehumidifier option is always an added bonus and being able to set a 24 timer makes it even more useful when you’re sleeping or even during the warmer part of the day. Working continuously, it will produce a lot of heat that will escape through the exhaust hose out of your window.

However, sometimes there is a risk of overheating and there is no thermal protection, so this is an area that you will need to keep a watch on. Not only that, but you’re also going to have to suffer with very basic features and limited capabilities on this device.

Pros and Cons of 14000 BTU Air Conditioners

If you’re wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of using 14000BTU air conditioners, you’re in the right place. There are a tonne of brands that feature different AC units that promise different BTU measurements. But which one is right for you, huh? Well, in this section, we’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of using 14000 BTU air conditioners.


A 14000BTU air conditioner could be the ideal solution to counteract the effects of squeezing heat. If you own one, here are some of the advantages of using that unit.


More BTU, of course, means more cooling power. A 14000 BTU air conditioner can provide remarkable cooling performance compared to other units with a lower BTU rating. The more BTU, the higher the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.


Yes, with an air conditioner with that kind of power, you can expect a cooling operation for a much larger living space. Typically, a BTU 14000 air conditioner can effectively cool 500 sq ft of living space.


With a 14000 BTU air conditioner, you can expect much better efficiency. With such a powerful operation, the air conditioner can cool your living space much faster than a traditional unit.


Unfortunately, there is a downside to the use of 14000 BTU air conditioners. Let’s talk about some of them.


A 14000 BTU air conditioner will require a much higher price than a unit with lower cooling power. If you have a small living space to cool down, you might want to invest in a less powerful unit.

Power Consumption

The higher the cooling power, the higher the power consumption of the unit would be. Therefore, if you are looking for an energy-saving option, opt for a unit with a lower BTU rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is important to anyone who needs additional information on certain parts of their A/C unit. We compiled and answered all the most frequently asked questions to the best of our abilities. There are always a few questions in the minds of the customers.

These questions need to be answered effectively in order to build a strong customer relationship. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to make it easier for you. These questions are going to help you get answers to what you’re looking for.

How Much Does a 14000 BTU Air Conditioner Cost?

The 14000 BTU air conditioning unit offers a powerful cooling operation even for a large living area. It offers an efficient cooling capability to keep the heat in check. Typically, a BTU of 14000 can cost you about $200 to 500 per cent for the unit. If we consider running costs, they are largely dependent on your use.

How Much Electricity Does a 14000 BTU Air Conditioner Use?

On average, the 14000 BTU air conditioner uses 4.1 kWh of power for efficient cooling operations. The energy consumption of the air conditioning unit depends heavily on the cooling capability of the unit. The 14000 BTU unit will consume far more power than the 8000 BTU unit for reliable cooling.

What Size Room Will a 14000 BTU Air Conditioner Cool?

The cooling capabilities of the air conditioner are useful for determining the area in which they can cool down. A small 8000 BTU air conditioning unit can cool 250 sq ft of living space efficiently. However, if you own a large living space like 500 sq ft, a 14000 BTU unit is going to be a perfect fit.

How Many Amps Does a 14000 BTU Air Conditioner Use?

The reading of the amps depends on the power consumption of the air conditioning unit. A smaller unit with a lower BTU rating will consume fewer amps. In the same way, a large air conditioning unit will use more. A 14000 BTU air conditioner typically uses 11.7 amperes of electrical current.

Do All Models Have Heat Mode?

Not all models have a heating mode, although it can be found in many modern units. You can also purchase heat pumps that offer a cooling mode. Both products are quite similar, so it would be worth your time to do some research on these devices as well.


To conclude, you should take all the information we have provided into account when selecting your next 14000 BTU air conditioner. If you do not use any of the products listed in the article, all the information is still relevant to any device on the market.

If you’re not looking for an AC wall, the LG window unit might be a better choice. Or you might be looking for the best portable air conditioners, in which case you can’t go wrong with any 14000 BTU portable air conditioner.

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