Best 120v Garage Heaters for 2021 [Keeping Your Garage Warm]

Are you looking for a heater to keep your garage or shop warm? There are tons of different 120v electric garage heaters out there, and it can be overwhelming to weigh the pros and cons of each one in a sea of options. 120v heaters can be ceiling mounted or are offered in a basic standing design.

Understanding the voltage and heat distribution you need in your specific garage is the key to finding a heater to get the job done right. We’ll take it from there and discuss the pros and cons of quality space garage heaters to help you choose the right heater for your garage.

What Size of Electric Garage Heater Do I Need For My Garage? Is 120v Enough?

120v is a fairly small heater, but it’s going to get the job done for a smaller space. If you have a garage larger than 30 x 30 feet or a garage that is not well insulated, you may need a higher voltage to keep it at a comfortable temperature in the winter months.

A 220 volt is actually designed for commercial spaces, so if you’re trying to heat a medium-sized space, it might be worth investing in two 120v garage heaters. 120/110 volt power outlets can be switched between 15-20 Amps before the power outlet is affected.

Check to see if your garage has a single breaker that manages all of your lights and outlets, or two or more breakers that manage different outlets and lights separately.

Top 16 Best 120v Garage Heaters in 2021

1. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Is your garage too big and you want a heater that can warm up the entire place as you paint or perform any activity that requires a lot of space?

Thanks to its dual heating system that delivers ultra-fast heat transfer rates, Dr Infrared Heater can heat up a spacious room. This feature makes the DR998 deliver 60 percent more heat than the other 1500W 120v garage heaters.

Is there a dry winter air that makes your skin itchy and your throat scratchy? No problem at all, as Dr Infrared Heater comes with a built-in humidifier to release a cool fog in your garage space. The oscillation function makes it even better – it distributes warmth more quickly and evenly across the area.

This feature makes the heater fit well in the summer because it can now operate as a fan with or without a humidifier. The 120v electric garage heater has four durable caster wheels that allow you to move the equipment between the rooms to warm them up. The wheels can move easily on any surface of the floor, including the carpets.

What’s more, Dr. Infrared Heater can be controlled from a distance. So, if you want to change the temperature of the room, program the settings, or even shut it down, you can do so without leaving your comfortable, tucked-in position. Do you want the heater to run for a specific number of hours? Yes, you can do that! You can set it to run up to 12 hours after which it will automatically shut down after the number of scheduled hours has been reached.

2. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTC

Heating a cold room is vital, but the safety of the infrared heater is another key factor. It’s good to have a garage space heater that won’t make you worry about having a baby or pet playing around the room.

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe was designed with user safety in mind. The unit is equipped with high-quality dual heat sensors to reduce high temperatures and ensure that the infrared heater is cold to touch.

Thus, the exterior of the unit doesn’t get hot, making it safe for the child and the pet. As far as technology is concerned, the Comfort Deluxe garage space heater is on a new level; it uses the latest Copper PTC heating element technology, resulting in more efficient equipment. The better part of it? The technology eliminates the need for a bulb.

In other words, don’t worry about replacing the bulbs, which reduces the maintenance costs of this heater. The deluxe heating feature has two power options: a 1500W high or a 1000W low.

Depending on the size of your garage space, you can choose the right option. This feature makes this space heater ideal for both large and small rooms in your home or office. Auto reboot memory makes this the best 120v garage heater the most popular for most users.

In other words, if you saved some settings and the power goes out, the heater will remember the settings for you.

3. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

If convenience and compactness are your strong suit, you might want to take a good look at the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX hanging garage heater.

The best 120v garage heater is wall mounted, which saves your floor space so that you can store other equipment or add seats for a meeting, for example, if it’s an office setting. You can still use this unit in your bedroom or even in your kitchen.

When you’re connected to a power outlet, you can hide the cord inside the heater. The result is a neat, well-organized room free of distractions and hanging wires!

This infrared garage heater stays cool to the touch and won’t overheat your wall. This feature adds an element of security to your space, especially if you want to unmount the unit from one room to the other.

The hanging garage heater is also smart Wi-Fi, which means you can control the unit right from your smartphone. Not only is Wi-Fi easy to set up, it remains connected while the heater is running and automatically reconnects in case of power interruption.

4. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Basement, Garage, Warehouse, Factory, and Outdoor Use

Working in a large design area can be challenging for anyone, which is why you need an efficient heater for that purpose.

Use the Fahrenheat FUH heater to warm up a cold store, a garage, a spacious basement, a service station, and even outdoor spaces such as patios. The heater is fitted with a single pole thermostat, which adjusts between 45 and 135 degrees F. One of the reasons people like this heater is that it’s easy to use.

It comes with a ceiling mounting bracket for horizontal and vertical mounting or any other position that works for your space. Would you like to warm up a specific spot?

Don’t worry, because this radiant garage heater has adjustable lovers that allow you to direct the heat to a specific area and change if necessary.

The Fahrenheat FUH heater has a high-level output control to shut off automatically, preventing overheating. The control reactivates the heater when the temperature drops back to normal.

If the place is too chilly and you want to adjust the heat level, you can set it using the built-in thermostat and deliver the required amount of heat.

5. Broan-NuTone 9815WH Grille Heater

Prepare quickly in the morning, have breakfast, head to the office, school, or work, sometimes even before the central heating system can heat up the entire house. That sounds inefficient and spot-heating is the solution.

And speaking of spot heating, the Broan-NuTone wall heater comes in handy when you want to warm up a chilly room.

This garage space heater is perfect for entrances, hallways and other spaces requiring high-watt heaters. The unit is wired to 1500 watts at 120v, making it suitable for your home heating needs.

What’s more, thanks to its efficient alloy heating element, the heater has a quick warm-up time.
This feature ensures that your space is warmed up in record time whenever the heater is on.

The engine is quiet, and a sleeping child won’t wake up if you choose to heat up one of the spaces in your home. In addition, the engine is thermally protected so that it can be shut off in the event of overheating.

There’s a transverse blower to circulate the heated air down to heat the room evenly. The radiant heater for the garage has a beautiful white grill that is not only heat-resistant but also durable.

6. Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV

This 4,000-18,000 BTU LP heater connects to 2 single-pound cylinders and is ideal for garage heating up to 300 sq. ft. The integrated fan increases the heating capacity of this unit, combining radiant and convection style heat.

The two rotary regulators allow you to use either a disposable cylinder or a remote gas supply like a 20-pound cylinder after purchasing a single hose and filter.

The built-in Piezo sparkling mechanism will turn on the heater and the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and the accidental tip-over safety shut-off will keep you safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The low, medium and high temperature control knob is good for maintaining steady temperatures. The fan is running off four D-size batteries or an AC adapter.

This heater comes with a lot of safety features and is convenient to light with its built-in Piezo switch and, as expected from Mr. Heater, the durability and value for money is unmatched.

7. Optimus H-9010 Garage Utility Heater

The Optimus H-9010 is perfect for your garage as it can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. This saves space and is safer as it prevents the heater from falling over or coming into contact with flammables.

Additional safety features such as overheat protection are also included. Two heat settings (600/1200 watt) provide both sun-like heat and soft light. The heater also includes quartz heating elements, halogen lights and a pull cord for ease of use.

The heater is constructed with a long-lasting metal housing and bracket and contains overheat protection. This is a large ceiling mounted heater for your garage, with the required safety features and a convenient pull cord to control it.

It also helps to illuminate your workspace, keeping you warm and ensuring you can see what you’re doing in cold weather.

8. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Quartz Heater

This ceiling-mounted heater is controlled by a single pull string, which operates both the heat settings and the halogen light. It can be used without the light being on so that the heater works independently of the light.

It has the necessary safety features to keep you secure in your garage, such as an overheat protection sensor, a safety metal grid, and a three-pronged ground plug to protect you from electrical hazards. The ceiling mount for this heater gives you extra safety, safety and floor space.

Best of all, this heater’s adjustable tilting bracket allows you to point the heater in any direction to provide you with targeted warmth wherever you need it.

This is a great combined heater and light for your garage, as it allows you to heat up any part of the room where you need it, and stay warm while working in cold weather. Being both energy efficient and durable, you’re going to find this heater to be of very good value.

9. TPI Corporation OCH46

This ceiling mount unit offers 1500 watts of heating, making it ideal for smaller spaces. You can go for that old-fashioned workshop look, as it includes two chains to hang it, or you can mount it with included brackets that provide a 45-degree swivel range. This is a radiant heater, so there’s no fan at all. But it ensures consistent heat from ceiling to floor.

As a very durable electric heater, it has a life expectancy of 6-10 years, depending on how often it is used. It is easy to assemble, operate, and maintain as well. This lightweight heating device covers the bases of heat transfer, which are convection, conduction, and radiation.

With a BTU rating of 5120, this high performing garage heater provides warmth and comfort using a simple yet efficient infrared quartz emitter, that generates both clean and safe heat. It is ideally used for residential or commercial areas that are indoors. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean, all you need to do is to wipe the device with a damp cloth to remove dust.

10. Lasko 675919 Stanley Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater

Lasko is a large compact heater that comes with the added convenience of being pre-assembled. There are no nuts or bolts here!

The pivoting heater helps to distribute heat throughout the space or precisely where you need it. Dials and varying fan strengths help you further customize your space heater experience. The heater is listed as ETL, which means that it has met the safety standards and requirements of the testing organization and the certification body in Canada.

At 1500 watt, it is a small and powerful device to warm you during the winter seasons and keep you comfortable indoors. There is also an adjustable thermostat to cater to your liking, depending on how you like the heat. The device also offers a pivot feature to direct the warmth where it is needed.

The customer ratings for this item, in particular, is highly rated, it is a comfortable 4 out of 5 in all aspects from temperature control, to heat output, and ease of use. Weighing at only 8.75 pounds, it is light and portable. By making this purchase, you are also given a 3-year warranty!

11. Maxx Air HeTR

According to surveys, buyers have found this product to be highly desirable for outdoor use in garage, patio or stores. Families with children or pets approve of this because it can be hung on the ceiling to prevent any burns.

Furthermore, its electrical design does not require the use of any flammable fuel. Maxx Air HeTR’s effective infrared heater heating system heats not only the air but also the objects around it.

It’s outdoor-rated for a variety of locations. It is also equipped with a high-efficiency carbon fiber heating element that provides fast and reliable heat at only 1500 watts of power.

In conclusion, the ease of use and the simple setup of this product is comforting. Its smart, elegant shape and design make it attractive. It adds not only heat but also beauty to its surroundings.

12. Homegear Infrared Electric Space Heater

This standing 1500W heater from Homegear has a dual heating system containing mica and quartz infrared heater. It can heat up a medium to large room efficiently and quickly.

The LED display makes it easy to monitor and the quiet and efficient blower fan spreads heat around the room. The included remote control enables convenient control.

The heater is ETL certified, has built-in overheat protection and provides 5100 BTU of output. This is the right heater to keep your garage warm during the winter if you want to be able to move around and maybe use it in other rooms.

13. Patton PUH680-N-U Milk-House Utility Heater

The Patton Milk-House utility heater is definitely the best priced electric heater on the list. But how is it going to stack up against the competition?

This durable design is made to last and is especially great if you are looking for something to put outdoors. This heater is great for heating open areas like the basement or garage. It’s incredible quiet and uses a fan-forced convection coil heat. It also includes an automatic thermostat that allows you to check the current temperature with accuracy.

There are also 2 settings, high and low, of the front guards, to prevent the device from falling over. Not only that, the 1000 and 1500 watt heat settings are also available, so you are able to set it to your liking.

Definitely, the heater is only for small garages and shops that are already well insulated. It has all the top-of-the-line safety features and personalized heating options without a high price tag.

14. Versonel 1500 Watt Infrared Heater

This heater is not only designed for garages and workshops but is also suitable for covered patios or decks. It can save up to 30%-40% of electricity compared to traditional garage heaters.

The carbon infrared heater produces instant and comfortable heat, with a robust, weatherproof design that can be applied for both indoors and outdoor areas. Ideally, it can be used in patios, balconies, workshops, garages, and more.

So let’s talk about the features.

  • 1500W Power
  • 100-120V voltage
  • Heating area of 100-150 sq feet
  • Overheat protection
  • Off timer function
  • Remote control & push bottom
  • 4 power settings remote control
  • 6.6lbs
  • Tip-over protection

You might just get a great return on your Versonel investment. The Versonel is much more efficient in a garage or shop. Those who used it outdoors complained that it was difficult to really feel its effects without sitting within a 3-foot radius of the heater.

15. Craftsman Portable Ceramic Heater

The Portable Heater Craftsman is perfect for tighter spaces. It heats up quickly and keeps the hot air going. Thanks to the 4-notch dial and wattage options, you can adjust the temperature to your exact specifications.

The fan may not be strong enough to do the job in larger spaces, but it’s a great heater for working in compact wood stores or garages. As far as price is concerned, nothing really beats the craftsman.

16. HQ1500 Ceiling-Mounted Workshop and Garage Heater with Halogen Light

This heater comes with a halogen light to heat small spaces during cold weather. Held by a 90-degree vertical tilting arm with a durable metal housing and a high-efficiency quartz heating element, this is a great choice for heating your shop or garage.

The halogen light uses 25 watts of power, while the heater uses 1500 watts at 120 volts and 12amps, and a 5200 BTU. This efficient heater by ProFusion ensures a durable and quality product. Though it is slightly heavier than the others, it still remains portable. Weighing at 3.38 KG, it can also be used with AC power, which makes it very convenient especially when you are in a garage and need more power plugs.

It is one of the cheapest and also most radiant garage heater available on the market. While not great for sub-zero or below freezing temperatures, it is pretty good for those 32-50 degree days.

How Do I Choose a 120V Electric Garage Heater?

When buying an electric garage heater, keep the following features in mind for the heater:


A large heater for a small garage or a small heater for a large garage are both incorrect. The former would simply be a waste of energy, while the latter would provide insufficient heat output. So, make sure you find a heater that fits the size of your garage.


The thermostat should be in good shape, and heat productivity must be what the company claims, or it will be just a loss of money. This can be assessed by viewing customer feedback on the product you are planning to purchase.

Price-to-Feature Ratio

Better-performing garage heaters with higher features may be a bit more expensive, but they will certainly provide comfort for a longer period of time with greater consistency and efficiency. On the other hand, a cheaper heater may cause discomfort by failing to deliver expectations. However, this can be better assessed with the help of feedback from customers and research.

Types of 120V Electric Garage Heaters

120V electric garage heaters come in a variety of types. Some of the most commonly used include:

Infrared Electric Garage Heaters

These garage heaters work by heating up not only the air, but also the objects around them. This feature enables it to be energy efficient as the room or garage where the heater is working remains warm long after it has been turned off. It works by emitting electromagnetic radiation called infrared heater rays, which are quite similar to the rays coming from the sun.

Electric Fan Heaters

Electric fan heaters are often used in garages as they are budget-friendly for most people. They work by passing the air over a heating source and then circulating the heated air in the room. The most obvious disadvantage of such heaters is the noise they produce, which, however, is being overcome by the advancement of technology.

Electric Underfloor Heating System

Although electrical underfloor heating systems have a very expensive installation, their long-term working costs are consistent with those of other types of heaters. They are very efficient and work by turning the entire floor into a radiator.

Garage Heater Electric vs. Gas – Comparison Overview

Both gas and electric heaters help to battle the cold weather. However, certain distinguishing factors between the two are:


The installation of a gas heater is a time-consuming process that requires expert service. It’s a lot more expensive than an electric heater, which requires little or no installation effort.


Maintenance of an electric heater requires no expert knowledge and experience, no one can do that. However, the same is not the case with a gas heater. Their annual maintenance is essential to ensure that they operate properly for longer periods of time and avoid unpleasant accidents such as gas leakage.


The lifespan of the electric heater, which is about 20-30 years, is much longer than that of the gas heater, which is about 10-20 years.

Which is Cheaper to Run, a Gas or Electric Garage Heater?

The value of the heater cannot be determined solely on the basis of its operation. All other costs, such as installation and maintenance, matter a lot as well. However, on the basis of running costs, the gas heater is cheaper than the electric heater. That’s because natural gas is cheaper than electricity.

120v vs. 240v Electric Garage Heaters

Are you going to buy a 120v or 240v heater? This is a question that most people keep asking, and while there are many good-meaning answers on online forums, most of them are misleading.

If you have two heaters, one 240v and the other 120v, both of which have the same watts per sq. ft. (12w/sf is the industry standard), both products will use the same amount of power and watts.

The reason is that the 120v system draws twice the amp/sq.ft of the 240v system, while the 240v system draws half the amp/sq.ft of the 120v system. According to Ohm’s law, power is equal to the product between voltage and current (amps).

For example, if you want to heat a 100 sq. ft room, both systems will use 1200 watts, and since we know the voltage, we can determine the current or amp for each unit.

Amps for the 240v heater = 1200 watts/240v = 5.0 amps.

Amps for the 120v heater = 1200 watts/120v = 10 amps.

Thus, while the 240v may appear to have twice the power, it produces the same amount of heat per sq. ft as the 120v heater, heats up at just about the same rate and can cost approximately the same amount per sq. ft to heat your space.

It is recommended that you use 120v electric garage heaters in spaces below 150 sq. ft. and 240v heaters for spaces above 150 sq. ft. This is because a single thermostat is capable of controlling 15 amps.

Going with our previous example, 120v can draw at least 15 amps across a 150 sq. ft space, and so manufacturers can supply 240v heaters for larger spaces.

More importantly, you want to ensure that the voltage of your garage space heater matches the voltage of your power supply. This is particularly important if you want to replace the current heater.

If you misalign the voltages, you will only receive 25% of the heat, and it could be unsafe as well. For example, connecting a 240v heater to a 120v power supply will only give you 25 percent of the heat that is not efficient.

(120v/240v)2 = 25%

Connecting a 120v electric garage heater to a 240v power source, on the other hand, is likely to overload the system, damaging the heater and its thermostat. It will also result in costly reinstallation.

(240v/120v)2 = 400%

In some cases, however, you may be forced to misalign the voltages between your heater and the power source. Standard power supplies are 120v and 240v, but some people’s indoor supplies are rated 208v. In this case, you can connect a 240V heater to a 208 power supply. Note, however, that the heat produced will be lower by 25%. In other words, the unit will run at 75% power.

(208/240)2 = 75%.

Tips for Getting the Best 120v Garage Heaters

Have Your Garage Insulated

Understandably, your garage wasn’t designed to be warm. So when you decide you need an electric heater, you should have the garage insulated to prevent the heat from leaking out. The insulation keeps the temperature warm without the heat escaping.

Choose the Right Type of Heater

Before you buy your heater, make sure it’s the best electric garage heater you need-one that’s going to heat your garage properly. Check the features and specifications against your needs and preferences to make sure you have the right product. Read through all the details and make an affirmation before you decide.

Don’t Forget the Doors and Windows

Don’t leave the windows and doors out when you’re insulating your garage. If you can afford it, get garage door openers that come with door protection insulation kits. If the heat escapes through the doors and windows, your garage may not be able to keep warm.

Benefits of Having the Electric Garage Heater

More people are continuing to install heating systems in their garages because of the benefits they provide. Built with state-of-the-art technology, garage heaters are now more efficient and safer to keep in your garage.

Ideally, your garage needs the best electric garage heater for you to enjoy the benefits it offers. Here are the additional benefits that you can enjoy if you get a garage heater right away:

You’ll have a More Comfortable Working Area

You’ve probably turned your garage into a remarkable space to work on your cars or renovate your home. So you spend a lot of hours doing what you love the most.

Although you have adequate lighting, it is not enough to keep your workspace warm and comfortable, especially in cold climates. The heater will keep your room warm, and you’ll be working in your garage for as long as you can without freezing.

You’ll Prevent Damage from Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures can cause damage to most of your car parts, including the battery. Any other appliances and components you have in your garage will not be spared. But if you have a heater, you can protect all the hardware and other items in your garage by keeping them at optimum temperatures.

You’ll Be Adhering to the Neighborhood Code

If your homeowner’s association or neighbourhood code requires you to install a heater in your garage, it’s best to do so. But that’s not all you’re going to do. Having a heater will also protect your home against the wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Your family and your pets will also be kept warm at all times.

You’ll Make Future Renovations Easier

In the future, when you decide to transform your garage space into a living room or an extra bedroom, installing a heater will make the renovation process easier. You’re not going to need to install a heater to keep the space warm, saving you time and money when you make any future developments.


Are Electric Garage Heaters Safe?

Thanks to new technology, electric garage heaters are very safe. They are integrated with the safety features that activate the safe mode when needed. So, yes, the electric heaters are safe and very reliable.

Average Electric Garage Heater Cost?

A better-performing 120v electric garage heater with exceptional features may cost a little more, but it will give you more comfort. It will also provide you with greater efficiency and consistency. The average price for a standard electric garage heater ranges from $100 to $400.

Where in the Garage Should I Place My Electric Heater?

To strategically place your electric heater in your garage, find the coolest part of the room. Then evaluate the distance between the ceiling and the floor and place the heater at the corner so that the air can circulate well throughout the room. Make sure the heater is seven feet above the floor and away from any fuel objects.

How Many BTU Does it Take to Heat a 2-Car Garage?

If you own a forced-air heater, there would be a rule of 45.000 BTU to heat up a 2-2.5 car garage. In the case of an infrared heater, a 2-2.5 car garage would take about 30,000 BTU.

Are Infrared Heaters Good for Garages?

Infrared heaters are a good option for small spaces, can be easily installed and run on natural gas. The infrared heater gives direct heat to the person or object and does not have high maintenance. It’s less noisy, too, and doesn’t have a strong smell.

Will a 1500-watt Heater Heat a Garage?

The required heater power depends on the size of the room in which it is to be used. The 1500-Watt heater can comfortably heat up to 150 square feet of space. Depending on this fact, you can decide whether or not the heater you are buying will meet your needs.


When shopping around for the best electric garage heater, it’s easy to get confused with the many choices you’ve made. In the end, the heater you settle for will be determined by factors such as durability, ease of use, adjustability, type of installation, your garage heating needs, and more.

The electric heaters in this review are among the best to provide the warmth you need while working in your garage in cold weather. They have excellent features and functionalities, are safe and work efficiently.

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